Everyone who knows me will tell you this about me.  I always stay true to who I am, and I stay true to my convictions. I do not pretend to be something that I am not or pretend to have something that I do not have. If I do not have it or I am not it, then I do not need it in order to move forward.

At the root of our negative thinking or the obstacles that we think we have is a scarcity mentality. We believe we do not have enough of something or we are not enough of something. We feel entitled to the things that we have so that if there is something that we want but do not have, we cry “unfairness”. We fail to recognize that all that we have, we have by grace.

We operate from a place of scarcity instead of a place of gratitude. All that a scarcity mentality does is to take away our from our peace. Peace which we need in order to prevail through unforeseen and sometimes painful realities.

This week’s podcast discusses maintaining a peaceful mind, and keeping a grateful mind over a scarcity mindset.