In any given year, we have four seasons. We have accepted these seasons as a part of life so when they happen, we don’t expect them to change, instead we change ourselves to adjust to them


What a lot of us forget is that our lives have seasons too. There is the season to plant and the season to harvest. There is a season of pain and a season of joy. All these seasons are essential parts of our lives because just like the four seasons of the whether, there are some seeds within you that can only grow during certain seasons. There are some seeds within you that can only take root the moment when your back is against the wall, and in those moments that you would describe as your darkest hour, days or even years of your life.


The goal is not to pray away the seasons you do not like. The goal is to let go off what should be or what could have been, and accept what is. This season has not come to harm you. Ultimately , it is the virtues that these seasons create within you, that will lead you to the life you have asked for.